Stay up to date on all BitGuild’s products, GuildChat, TronTrade, and GuildWallet

Welcome back to another edition of the State of the Guild — where we round up all the most recent news from the BitGuild products that you love. Today we have more news about upcoming updates for GuildChat Mobile and we will give you a summary about the listings and…

Introduce GuildChat in an article to your friends and win 10.000 TRX and 100.000 PLAT.

Do you like writing? Do you want to introduce new people to GuildChat and help make GuildChat 3.0 the best all-in-one crypto app? Do you have an opinion about GuildChat 3.0 that you like to share with the world? Do you want to help other users by explaining the possibilities…

Yorina Wouters

Social media & Community Manager @ BitGuild

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